Monday, 20 October 2014

Welcome to Fairy Wren Farm

Hi Mum and Dad!

This blog is for our family, friends and anyone else interested in the ups and downs of life on a small farm (small holding or homestead). 

Peter and I (Donna) have been on our 4 1/2 acre property for over a year. I want to start documenting some of our successes and failures in our quest to be as self-sufficient as we can. That's what this blog is for (obviously).

We named the property 'Fairy Wren Farm' as the fairy wrens are everywhere. The males are beautiful, and I love watching their bright blue feathers shine in the sun. I've been trying to catch a photo of one so that I can add it to this blog post - but they are difficult to get a snap of.

There's lots of bird life here, and for my first Youtube video I managed to get some footage of a blackbird building her nest.